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Our e-commerce solutions allow you to sell your product or service online. A detailed understanding of your product or service is required in order to implement an appropriate eCommerce solution.

The complexity of the eCommerce solution depends on many factors. For a free e-commerce consultation and estimate, please call BWE at 888.366.6500 or send an email to info@bwe.net. Samples of our customized eCommerce solutions can be found here.

An eCommerce site typically consists of the following elements:

  • Product Catalog
  • Shopping Cart
  • Checkout
  • Payment
  • Order Fulfillment and Tracking
Product Catalog
The product catalog provides a visitor with an interface to view your products for purchase. The catalog should be easy to browse and should make it easy for the visitor to find specific products quickly. Once a visitor finds a product they wish to purchase, they add it to their 'shopping cart'.

All of our product catalogs are custom built to meet your exact product requirements.

Shopping Cart
The shopping cart maintains a record of the quantity and type of products the visitor has selected to purchase. When the visitor is done shopping, they have to 'check out'.

Checkout and payment can be straightforward or relatively complex depending on your exact needs. Things to consider are:

  • Do you want to offer specials or discounts?
  • Do you want an 'Up Sale' feature (recommend other products based on current selection)?
  • Are there volume discounts? If so, is it based on weight, price, number of items?
  • How is shipping calculated?
  • How is sales tax calculated?

Accepting Payment
In order to accept credit card transactions, you will need a Merchant Account (an account with another company that acts as a liaison between your bank and your customer's bank). The merchant account provides a gateway by which you can verify credit card information as well as actually accept payment. BWE is not a merchant account provider however we can recommend a Merchant Account Company. Once you have a merchant account, you will be able to accept payments online via credit card.

Order Fulfillment and Tracking
Once you receive an order it will be up to you to fulfill the order as quickly as possible. BWE offers several enhancements that can help automate the order fulfillment and tracking process:

  • Inventory Control with E-mail Alert
  • Back Order System with Automated Notification
  • Online Customer Order Status Pages
  • Integrated UPS and FEDEX Tracking

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