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New Domains: .biz and .info

If you wish to register .info and .biz domain names you may do so with your registrar beginning October 1st and November 7th, 2001, respectively. The .info Top Level Domain (TLD) has unrestricted use. The .biz domain is intended for businesses and commercial use only.

.info is the first unrestricted TLD since .com and is the first of seven new TLDs to begin real-time processing of domain names. .info domains are unrestricted which means that they are available for all uses. Businesses, individuals, and organizations can use the new domain. According to MSNBC, over 52,000 domain names ending in “.info” were activated over the weekend of September 24, 2001 and more than 300,000 .info domain names have already been registered.

BWE recommends that you register your domain with a larger registrar that can respond to your needs with a customer service agent when needed, like Register.com or Network Solutions. Make certain to save your account information (like user name and password) so that you can quickly initiate changes to ISP's or primary contacts in the future.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is planning to add the following top-level domains:

.aero air-transport industry
.biz businesses
.coop nonprofit cooperatives
.info unrestricted use
.museum museums
.name individuals
.pro accountants, lawyers, and physicians
ICANN is the nonprofit agency that manages the Internet’s domain name system.

Date: 11.13.2001

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