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Tips For Shooting Better Video

Books have been written and college courses created to instruct in the art of video production.

Here are some tips BWE has assembled.

  1. Do NOT shoot sideways. This may seem self evident, however, with small cameras and cellphones capturing video, it is easy to forget this very basic rule.

  2. Do use a tripod whenever possible, or a stable surface to minimize shake. When these are not an option try to brace the camera against your body.

  3. Zooming is BAD. Zoom shots create blur and can be dizzying. Assume that any zoom footage will be edited out of the finished video, so include plenty of footage before and after the zoom.

  4. Shoot a variety of shots: long, medium and close-up shots. Caution: Ensure the shots are from the same side. If the action is left to right in the wide angle/long shot, then it needs to be left to right in the close-up and medium shot.

  5. Sound advise. If you are planning to record and use sound with your video, invest in a microphone. Microphones which clip to clothing of speakers, or are hidden in the scene, can eliminate background noise and greatly improve audio quality for a small investment.

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Long Shot Medium Shot Close-up

Add Interest

Close-up shots can add interest to a video and allow for transitions between scenes.

  1. Shoot close-up shots of action: pouring pigment into a pattern frame, or the drawing of a gun in a western.

  2. Get close-ups of objects of interest that are part of the wider shot.

  3. Don't forget close-up shots of the finished product.

A Final Note

Always shoot more footage than you need. Some estimates place the footage at ten (10) times the finished video.

Date: 04.05.2010

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