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Get Your Business Noticed in the Right Places

There is no question about it; the social networking boom has spilled over into the business world.

It is a smart business strategy to establish you or your company as a product expert, knowledge leader or trusted advisor on networking sites. The good news is that these services provide free marketing opportunities. The bad news is that it takes time to navigate these services. If you don't consistently maintain fresh content, your efforts are wasted. Here are a few tips from BWE.

Organize your website - make sure the home page clearly states everything you do or all of the types of products/services you offer. Write content that is specific to each main category and provide simple navigation to these different sections. Do not force people to dig for information on your site, they'll leave before they find it.

Maintain a Blog - Establish yourself as valuable resource about the products you sell or the services you provide. "Go beyond" your website by offering additional tips, information or options for products or services related to what you offer on your website. Include detailed information about solutions you provide. Add credibility by including unbiased information or alternatives and resources from other companies.

Create a Facebook page - Facebook is about sharing, fun and finding friends. It is a best suited for consumer-related marketing. Your Facebook page should include places to share photos, videos and comments. Make sure to keep your content updated regularly.

Tweet on Twitter - Let Twitter serve as a news ticker for your company. Each post is limited to 140 characters. Once you get a strong following you are broadcasting to people that are very interested in you. Send Tweets when you are having a webinar, add a new product, blog article, update your web site, or are running a product special.

Update often and efficiently - Make sure to update consistently; otherwise you lose face and potential customers. Be efficient so that one action affects all elements of your social marketing plan. For example, your monthly newsletter might offer a coupon for a discount and link to your blog for more information; the blog update and special posts to Facebook then broadcast on Twitter.

Your social marketing program needs to have focus and be part of a plan. Social media is an inexpensive and effective way to connect with customers. However, it requires commitment and time. It will produce results only with well-planned actions that are consistently completed.

Find out how your web site can be more effective with social networking. Contact us at 888.366.6500 to schedule a free initial consultation and find out how BWE can support your business with social networking.

Date: 10.14.2009

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