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BWE Creates Flash Video Player for label-aire.com

Easy-to-use video player simplifies user interface and saves money for Label-Aire.

Seeking a sleek and easy-to-use interface for their multitude of labeling videos, Label-Aire turned to BWE Web Design for a solution. Originally, users were required to download videos from a streaming server in order to view the content. In addition to the cost of hosting a streaming server, Label-aire had to maintain video files in different formats (Window, RealPlayer, Flash).

Label-Aire Flash Video

Based on feedback from Label-Aire, BWE proposed a "single player" using Flash video files. All videos play using the player hosted on their site's video page. Videos can be accessed from navigation within the player, and are in a single file format (Flash) that is almost universal now across browsers/platforms.

The video player launched in August 2009 with other upgrades completed by BWE for label-aire.com. You can view screen shots of the player below or use the actual video player on the web site.

Label-Aire Flash Video

Video Player Benefits

Reduced hosting cost - Eliminate additional hosting costs for a streaming server for video files.

Easy-to-use - All videos and navigation to videos is available from a single page and interface utilizing one file format that is almost universally available to users with different browsers/platforms.

Custom Integration - Integrate video files with a video library database. Add video files and information with the easy-to-use, secure admin panel. Your web site instantly reflects changes you make to show new videos including the video title or category.

Private Branding - All videos are within your site and not watermarked with third-party information (i.e., youtube.com).

Label-Aire®, Inc. has headquarters in Fullerton, California and is a subsidiary of Impaxx®, Inc. Label-Aire provides reliable print & apply, pressure-sensitive, and RFID labeling machinery to companies world-wide.

BWE has been providing web design services, PPC ad management services, SEO and hosting for Label-Aire since 2003.

Date: 10.09.2009

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