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GSIO/SI to Re-design Web Site

BWE will re-design the look of the GSIO/SI web site and add valuable features including seminar registration, a content manager, product catalog, shopping cart, and e-commerce.

GSIO or the Austrian Society for Sensory Integration is a non-profit organization dedicated to SI (Sensory Integration) therapy and international cooperation and exchange on this subject. The partner-organization, SI (SeminarInstitut), provides SI education for therapists in Austria.


Elisabeth Söchting, president of GSIO and owner of SI-SemainrInstitut, chose BWE based on the fair price, quality of work, and advanced database features required.

The project includes the following graphical design and functional features:

  • Redesign of existing site with a new graphical layout
  • Content manager with ability to upload images and files
  • Online seminar/course registration. Registration confirmations are sent via email and stored online for easy access.
  • Course schedule database with calendar-display user interface integrated with online course registration
  • Product catalog
  • Shopping cart with real time e-commerce
  • Order management interface for tracking orders/order status

The content manager gives GSIO the ability to add and edit web site content. The content manager includes an image and file upload feature so that all photographs and documents upload directly to the web server. No special software is needed. Additionally, BWE's content manager allows you to create the necessary navigational sub-menus for new pages at any time.

The course listings and course registration features allow SI to maintain a web-based listing of all seminars and the ability for users to register for class that are not at capacity. All registrations are handled in "real-time" so that all members of the organization have access to class schedules, capacity, and registration information. The user interface includes an easy-to-use calendar display format.

GSIO/SI offers a variety of SI publications and products for both the parents of children with special needs and the therapy professional. BWE's product catalog will maximize natural search engine ranking for their products and provide flexibility for the different products that "out-of-the box" e-commerce solutions just can't provide.

The project was started in December 2008. The new site will launch in March. GSIO plans to use BWE's managed hosting solution.

GSIO (Austrian Society for Sensory Integration) is a non-profit organization dedicated to SI, international cooperation and exchange, developing curriculum, and therapy materials. The sister organization, SI (SeminarInstitut) provides education in SI for therapists. Office are located in Vienna, Austria. You can find them online at sensorische-integration.at.

Date: 12.30.2008

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